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Hosting an Open House

Hosting a real estate open house is the quintessential, most real-estate-y activity imaginable.

Depending on your market, open houses may be expected. You may do them even if they aren’t a primary lead source.

But if you want to turn open houses into a pillar of your lead generation, then continue reading. This resource is for agents who not only want to do an efficient and effective open house, but want to build their business on a foundation of the mini-house parties we call open houses.

Pros and Cons of Open Houses

One note about open houses and using it as a lead generation strategy. Different markets treat open houses very differently.

For example, in my own market, open houses are pretty meh. They mostly seem to attract neighborhood look-ee-loos and Realtors looking for snacks. Many agents forgo them altogether.

Meanwhile, just 30 minutes away in Austin, open houses are the norm, and indeed a common source for your ultimate buyer. It is expected that you list the home, host an open house Saturday or Sunday, and then pick an offer on Monday.

Depending on your market, there…