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Unleash the Power of WordPress Rank Math SEO Plugin: Perfectly-tuned Settings + Tips For Modules, Schema, Free vs Pro, Content AI & SEO Analysis

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Ready to configure the best settings for Rank Math?

This tutorial covers everything you need about Rank Math’s settings, including which modules I recommend (or don’t), WooCommerce settings, and adding schema. If you like this guide, I have a few other guides on researching focus keywords and an on-page SEO checklist.

I’ll also cover settings for Rank Math Pro (aff link). I don’t think Yoast Premium is worth it, but Rank Math Pro is worth it if you learn what it can do for your SEO, especially the schema. I was also able to delete several SEO plugins and use Rank Math, but you can decide for yourself.


I didn’t want to add these screenshots throughout the post because it would make it ridiculously long. You can click on these thumbnails, and they will show my recommended settings for each tab. Remember, the reasons I chose these are explained in the guide. Some settings will differ depending on your site, so customize them…