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Choosing the Right Equipment for VPD Monitoring

VPD monitoring is crucial for maintaining plant health and optimizing yields. By selecting the right equipment for VPD monitoring, growers can accurately measure and monitor temperature, humidity, and VPD levels in their grow areas. This helps in creating an optimal growing environment for plants at different stages of growth.

The SensorPush system is recommended for remote monitoring, as it measures temperature, humidity, and VPD in real-time and sends alerts to a mobile phone if any parameters go out of the desired range. The system calculates VPD on the fly, combining temperature and relative humidity into a single metric that measures transpiration.

Different target VPD ranges are recommended for clones/seedlings, vegetative stage, and flowering stage, and it is advisable to set alerts slightly above or below the target range to avoid frequent notifications. The SensorGrow probe should ideally be placed at the top of the canopy and in the middle of the grow area for accurate measurements.